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This is an organization that covers every aspect of professional and even college and high school baseball. Below is a list of their products and services.

Most of baseball Americas information is for the baseball enthusiast but this information is also valuable to current high school and college baseball players. Mainly the Baseball America Prospect Handbook. This Handbook has the contact information of every position in all professional organizations. This is incredibly valuable for players because those who are working to play professional baseball can use this source to help them market themselves. Yes, you can market yourself to professional baseball and this is the most affordable way to do it. If you would like to learn how to do this effectively then visit the top website for Pitching Velocity and search for how to player professional baseball. This could be what you need to accomplish your dream of player professional ball.

The other great source of information at Baseball America is the Almanac. You can learn a lot about what areas in this country support some of the top young prospects in the game. These are the places that you should consider playing in if you are looking to increase your exposure. They rolled out their Website for Opening Day of the minor league season in 1999, and it featured all the great writing from the magazine along with daily coverage of the game, as well as complete minor league statistics. Much of their best content is for subscribers only; full access is included with print subscriptions, and Web-only subscriptions are also available.

Baseball America Almanac: Their annual review of the year in baseball, from the major leagues down to youth baseball and everywhere in between. The book features complete major and minor league statistics, with commentary and stats from college, high school, foreign and independent leagues as well.

Baseball America Prospect Handbook: The most comprehensive review of up and coming players available. They rank the top 30 prospects in every major league organization, with career statistics, and analyze the state of each team with a specific emphasis on the draft.

Baseball America Directory: If you need to know the name, address or phone number for just about anyone who works in the baseball industry, this is the place to find it. This annual publication features comprehensive contact information for every organization in the baseball industry, as well as major and minor league schedules and directions to every ballpark.

Super Register: The only book of its kind, it includes vitals and career statistics for every active major and minor league player from the previous season. This year’s book includes more than 7,500 player records.

Prospects Plus: Their comprehensive scouting service of elite high school players, this is designed for people who want to go beyond our already thorough coverage of high school baseball and the draft and drill even deeper, including college coaches and scouts.

Great Parks Calendar: Counting the days of the year the Baseball America way, with striking full-color photos of 12 of the most interesting ballparks in the minor leagues.

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