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3X Pitching Review

3X Pitching is a revolutionary approach to pitching velocity. I purchased this program and made it through the 16 week program and WOW, what a program! It was tough in the beginning because there was a lot to learn but once I got over the major obstacles like learning how to clean and learning hip to shoulder separation with 3X  I started to see the light. You quickly learn that you are not that athletic and once you start to develop your body like an elite athlete as you are learning the 3X pitching mechanics things just start happening. I was throwing about 72 when I started the program and when I finished I was sitting about 84-85. I wanted to post here about the program because I loved it so much that I wanted to promote it. If you are just learning about this revolutionary approach to pitching velocity then let me give you some big pluses that gave me the confidence I needed to start the program. Here is the list:

  1. It is not just one exercise or one thing that you are learning here to increase velocity, it is an entire program full of incredible info, drills and exercises.
  2. It teaches you a way of pitching that makes you feel so powerful. You learn quickly how the hard throwers are doing it.
  3. It makes you an athlete in the game of baseball. After you complete the program you can pick out those ball players who are the athletes and the ones who are not.
  4. It changes you almost completely. It is a program that is going to turn you into a different person and especially a different pitcher.
  5. It gives you scientific data to back up the science behind the approach. The case studies listed in the 3X Pitching eBook are priceless.
  6. It comes with a FREE stream to the instructional videos with Chad Englehart who is the strength and conditioning coach for the Washington Redskins.
  7. 3XIt is guaranteed to work or all your money back. This is what sold me because I knew if it wasn’t legit then I was getting my hard earned money back.
  8. It comes with FREE analysis for pitching mechanics, drill and exercise mechanics as well. It is like having a personal pitching coach and trainer and Coach Pourciau is the best at it!
  9. It is based on a 16 week cycle that can be cycled again and again to continue receiving the benefits from the program. I also used the program in season after the increase in velocity.
  10. The bonus videos are freakin awesome. The Jim “The Rookie” Morris interview is the best video on pitching online. Everyone must see this video. I would have paid the price for the 3X Pitching program just to see this video. Amazing!
  11. The other bonus video of the legendary strength and conditioning coach Gayle Hatch. I mean he is the Godfather of strength and conditioning and he tells you how it all started and why Olympic lifting is so effective in building the elite athlete.
  12. I am going to stop now because I could go on and on.

The point is this program is the best out there and I really don’t have to say much because the website is loaded with amazing info on why you should purchase the program. It is as expensive as hiring a pitching coach for one session and you actually get a pitching coach and trainer for 16 weeks for the same price.

Don’t hesitate on your career any longer and get this program TODAY! You will regret it if you don’t!

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