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wetzelFinding baseball instruction that is worth the money is not an easy task. I am a baseball instructor and I know that I am learning something new everyday. The best I can offer a student is my experience. If I can help them to get where they are going any faster and healthier then I have done my job. The problem with poor baseball instructors is they are teaching you what someone tried teaching them. This could be the total opposite of how they even played the game. A good instructor is not always someone who was a good ball player but it is someone who has studied good ball players. Baseball Instruction is one profession where it isn’t necessary that the coach was talented at playing the game.

What to look for in a good baseball instructor?

First it is important to understand that there is a difference between a coach and an instructor. A coach can mean anything but an instructor is someone who strictly teaches how to perform a task. Just because someone is a coach doesn’t mean they are good at instructing how to pitch or hit.

A good baseball instructor is an analyst or maybe even a scientist. They are trained to see the game mechanically. They are very critical about individual performance. If when interviewing an instructor he or she cannot talk your ear off about baseball mechanics then they are not good instructors.

The top instructors in the game of baseball usually have PH D’s. An example would be Dr. Tom House and Dr. Mike Marshall, world renowned pitching coaches. So a bit of advice is if they can’t impress you with words then how will they help you?

I also recommend that a good instructor is someone who is up to date on strength and conditioning. In todays game this is an extremely important part of the game and for an instructor not to understand how to better the athlete on and off the field then this is a big strike against them. I would even check to see if they have any fitness certifications.

What are some reasonable rates for baseball instruction?

This is a good question, it really matters what you can afford because one session isn’t going to cut it. It takes 1500 reps to develop a habit before you can even say that the instruction has helped. So the session rates needs to be low enough to where you can afford a good 2-3 months of work. I would say $35 to $45 is reasonable.

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