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Just like every different piece of baseball equipment you have a lot of different brands and styles to choose from. You also have rules and regulations which usually means plastic or metal. Metal spikes are used in high school and up and plastic cleats are used mostly in the  little leagues but there are even some ball players in college who rather use plastic over metal.

My biggest issue with cleats is the weight. The problem is your cleats are always heavier than your shoes. This is annoying because when you are performing on the field speed is important, so why would you want to be wearing heavy shoes? So my advice is to always try on cleats before you buy them. This is why purchasing cleats online can be frustrating. The way around this is, you can always return them or you can go to a store and try them on and then purchase them online. Online is usually cheaper.

The different types of cleats you can buy!


Molded baseball cleats are cleats that use the latest in shoe technology to mold the shoe to your foot.

Interchangeable baseball cleats are cleats where you can change out the type of spike. You can go from metal to plastic or vice verse.

The trainer/turf shoes are used for games played on artificial grass or turf. I recommend, if possible having a pair because it is nice to have turf shoes to change into if you want to get out of your cleats. You would want to wear these over your tennis shoes because they are just as comfortable but look more like baseball shoes and they go well with a baseball uniform.

The different types of styles of cleats you can purchase!

  1. High top
  2. Med top
  3. Low top

This has to do with the ankle support.


The difference between Plastic Cleats and Metal Cleats or Spikes!

Plastic cleats¬† usually have thick spikes that grip the ground. They don’t always penetrate the surface so it can feel like you are standing on rocks. Therefore they are not as sticky as metal cleats.

Metal cleats are usually thin hard flat metal spikes that always penetrate the ground unless you are on cement. This means you always grip the surface but these spikes can be dangerous when sliding. It can be dangerous for the other player you are sliding into and to you as well.

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