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Mizuno Baseball Cleats 2010

Mizuno spike classic low G5

New features this year on the classic spike which is the number one team shoe and it comes in all colors. New infinity wave in the heal. It is actually a plate that gives you stability and cushioning in one. They call it the infinity wave because it is not going to breakdown. They say you can play forever!

What it does is it absorbs the shock. Disperses it throughout the shoe. It is not going to be traveling up your body, it is going to go through the shoe and dampen the shock for you. It is also going to give you stability for pro-nation and supination. It will let you walk off the front of your foot with a good stride.

On the bottom it has the nine spike technology. It comes with three triads. Each one designed for the three key baseball motions. Which are hitting throwing and running. So they are all designed at perfect angles for those key movements that you need to play baseball.

It also has the pro flex technology in the forefoot. You are going to get a really flexible shoe but you are still going to get all the support you need in the heal.

Mizuno 9-Spike Vintage G5 Low Cleats

It comes in royal blue, red and black all with the white Mizuno logo. It is a very light weight shoe. It is actually worn by major league baseball players around the country. It has the Mizuno wave technology. A full foot bed of EVA cushioning. Pro flex forefoot for nice flexibility still getting all the support you need in the heal.

Mizuno Speed Trainer 2

It comes in five team colors red, royal blue, black, white and navy blue. It comes with a tongue you can either have out and over the shoe or you can actually tuck it inot the tongue and give you more of the look of a regular running shoe. This shoe has the Mizuno wave technology. Which absorbs shock and does give you cushioning and stability at the same time. On the bottom of the forefoot you have more of an aggressive out sole so it gives you it gives you good traction on grass and dirt then you get the cushioning of a running shoe in the heal. This is really a high performance trainer. It is good for batting practice, running on the field or whatever you want to use it for.

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