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Trying to find a pitching instructor that isn’t a big waste of time and money is not an easy task. I know because I am a pitcher and currently I am a pitching instructor. I work extremely hard to educate myself on pitching but there are a lot of pitching instructors who ride on their careers. I had an average pitching career playing minor league ball but I do not feel that any pitching instructor can just rely strictly on their careers.

What makes a good pitching instructor is someone who can teach mechanics to increase velocity while teaching them how to stay healthy and grow bigger, stronger, faster. This is my opinion of course. I do not want to get into the basics of pitching instruction but I do want to point you in the right direction to finding a pitching coach that will support your career instead of damaging it like a lot of them are capable of.

Tips on finding a top level pitching instructor:

1. They must understand physics driven pitching mechanics. This means they must be able to explain the physics behind their reasons for making mechanical adjustments. This tip alone will eliminate a lot of pitching instructors. Most pitching instructors have not studied pitching enough to apply physics to their program.

2. They must be able to clearly teach their program. If they have a hard time communicating their message then this is a major red flag.


3. They must be available. If a pitching instructor is hard to get in touch with this will prevent you from developing the new muscle memory necessary to benefiting from the instructors program. To make new information a habit you need at least 1000 reps or more. If you are having a hard time getting these reps in an adequate amount of time then this will waste your time and money.

4. A pitching coach must use video analysis as an important aid to instruction. You cannot truly understand the mechanics of a student if you do not slow down the delivery. The pitching delivery happens faster than the human eye is capable of recording in time. Slowing down the video is the only way to see the flaws of the students delivery.

5. The instructors sessions must be affordable. For you to see improvement you must go long enough to build habits with the new muscle memories. If it is too expensive for you to purchase the amount of sessions required to develop the improvements then this is a problem.

The last and most important tip for finding a top level pitching instructor is you must like the instructor. This is a no brainer but it is very important. How much you respect your pitching instructor will determine how focused you will be during the sessions.

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