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Baseball Savings is one of the cheapest baseball retail stores online. If you haven’t visited their store then you must check it out. They have unbelievable prices but it is very hard to find your size and brand for that unbelievable price. Everytime I find that steal of a deal it is in a shoe that they only have it in a size 27 and 2. Frustrating but it keeps me coming back for more.

Baseball Savings is not a wholesaler they are just offer products under the suggested retail price or SRP which is given to them by the vendors. The only issue they have is that the vendors will let them sell under the suggested retail price if their customers are not in return reselling the item. This is probably why you can never find your size in that steal of a deal because local stores are buying in bulk to resell or they could be getting the hand me downs from the vendors.

If you would like to get alerts on their big sales you need to sign up for their email notifications. You also should sign up for a FREE catalog. If you are really crazy about not missing a thing then you could also subscribe to their Facebook Fan Page and their Twitter feed. Most retail stores use their social networks to first release their latest sales and offers. Sometimes they will only send the info to their social media subscribers. With all these options you should never find yourself at Baseball Savings .com and notice that you just missed out on a big Sale.

If you are one of those poeple who do not like buying on the internet because you fear the day you have to return something then don’t worry. Just read their return policy here from their website.

Baseball Savings stands behind every item we sell. We are committed to having happy customers that not only can’t wait to shop again but go out and tell their friends about Baseball Savings. That’s why we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your product simply return it within 30 days for a 100% refund.

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