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I am a pitching coach and I go through a pair of turf shoes every three months. The reason is the big toe on my right foot, I am a right handed pitcher, tears open after about three months. It has a lot to do with the fact that I pitch indoors when working with my pitchers and the repetitive dragging of the right big toe on the old school turf is like putting it to sand paper. It slowly wears it down to nothing. I finally got a pitching toe and thought this would stop this problem all together. Well, it helped the situation but didn’t fix the problem. The pitching toe was worn down in about five months instead of the consistent three months.

This really pissed me off so I have been on a man hunt for a hardcore pitching toe for my next pair of shoes so it doesn’t continue to plague me and eventually rip my toe nail off. Yes, my toe nail is taking a beating because of this and my toes now look like the toes of a Sasquatch. What I have learned from this entire mess is that the tar pitching toes that you paste on or pour on, are not that strong. They take a lot of time and do not look that great if you are not a skilled artist. The other pitching toes are the screw ons and these can be just as anoying. This is why I have put together the toughest pitching toe on the market. It is a combo of the two. Here is how you would install them together:

  1. Sand the toe of the shoe.
  2. Put down a layer of the tar on the toe area. Cover the entire area that you want protected by the toe.
  3. With the tar still wet place the screw on on top of the tar and press and hold. Wait to dry.
  4. Now apply more tar on top of the screw on and all around the area.
  5. Make sure the tar goes under the shoe as well to grip the shoe more.

That is the way to install the unstoppable or should I say unerodable, if that is a word, pitching toe for the hard core pitcher.

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