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* If you are looking for reviews or information on baseball equipment then use the navigation to the right. This section will cover everything from batting helmets to cleats and shoes. If the product exist we will try it out and review it. If you have a product you would like use to review then please submit your product below.

baseball-equipmentBuying baseball equipment can get very expensive, especially in today’s market. I recommend that you do not go crazy here unless you have disposable income and if you are one of those people who have a lot of disposable income then please donate to this site. What you will notice though is that there is a gadget for everything in baseball. A gadget to make the grip on your bat more comfortable, a gadget to clean out the mud in your cleats, a gadget to help you put your name on your glove and well, you get the point. There is a lot of people in baseball trying to make a buck so be conservative and do not buy something that you had no idea it existed 10 minutes ago. Whenever I walk into a sporting goods store I make sure I have a purpose for being there and I do not look at the merchandise. OK, sometimes I give in and buy something I didn’t want and it always frustrates the hell out of me. So I understand if you lose control every now and then.

When it comes to baseball equipment, I always go for the bear essentials, Glove, cleats, bat and bag. Even buying these items can break your wallet, so make sure you do your homework.  A good glove that will last you a few good years should run you around $100. A nice pair of cleats that should last you some quality games should cost you around $100. A baseball bat that will withstand a few strong seasons should run you around $250 and last of all a nice bag to hold everything should cost around $75. This is a ballpark figure of $525. That isn’t pocket change, so be very careful when buying your first purchase. If you spend too much to early on, you could be forced to make it to your first game holding all of your equipment in your hands. If you are going splurge on any of these items I would do it on either a glove or a bat. This is something that can affect your performance.

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