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Rawlings Gloves


Rawlings is one of the most respected baseball manufactures in the business. There equipment is high quality and very durable. Below is a list of categories and descriptions of their baseball gloves along with ball park pricing.

Primo Series Baseball Gloves

($300 & Up)

Quality and innovation have combined to produce a new standard in the world of baseball gloves. With only a limited amount produced, the finely crafted Primo glove is the ultimate choice for baseball’s elite and soon-to-be elite. The distinctive oxblood color and direct embroidery are only the beginning of the Primo’s style and finery.

Rawlings Pro Preferred 2-Tone Baseball Gloves


The newest Rawlings Pro Preferred gloves are the 2-Tone baseball gloves. The 2-Tone Pro Preferred gloves use Italian Bruciato leather and Kip leather with our Pro patterns that are sure to be the new industry benchmark.  Rawlings Pro Preferred gloves require some break-in so that you get a custom fit to your hand. The smooth, but durable Kip leather and strong stitching make these gloves long-lasting and the choice of the pros.

Pro Preferred Baseball Gloves

($250 – $299.99)

Rawlings Pro Preferred baseball gloves are Rawlings legendary top of the line gloves designed for the professional player and those players serious about their game and looking for a top quality baseball glove.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Dual Core Baseball Gloves


Heart of the Hide Pro Mesh Baseball Gloves

($150 – $199.99)

Heart of the Hide Baseball Gloves

($150 – $199.99)

The most recent addition to the Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove series is the Dual Core baseball gloves. The Dual Core glove has the Rawlings patented Dual Core® Technology that has position break points in the glove pattern so that you can outperform the demands of your position. Rawlings Heart of the Hide gloves have been made for over 50 years from the top 5% of steer hides with pro grade lace. This baseball glove provides a durability and playability that makes it the most sought after glove in the market.

Gold Glove Limited Series Baseball Gloves

($100 – $149.99)

The Gold Glove Limited Series has it all; it features a smooth leather shell with Pro Preferred lace, the perfect combination of pro and moldable padding, Heart of the Hide Lining, and Rawlings Dual Core technology. The combination of these materials and technology allows you to have a premium glove that’s ready for the field.

Gold Glove Series Baseball Gloves

($50 – $99.99)

The newest addition to the Rawlings Gold Glove Series is the Gold Glove Limited baseball gloves. The Gold Glove Limited has the Heart of the Hide lining and the patented Dual Core® Technology that makes this a premium glove that is ready for the field. Rawlings Gold Glove baseball gloves are game ready and require less break-in time. Their Pro patterns and Pro grade laces give it the Pro quality features combined with the Pro soft leather creates that flexible, broken-in feel that makes it game ready.  You can personalize your Gold Glove after you have selected a glove below.

Sandlot Series Baseball Gloves

($50 – $99.99)

Rawlings Sandlot Series baseball gloves use Retro Shell leather for a quick and easy break in. These Rawlings baseball gloves have pro patterns undergo a special antiquing process to give the appearance of a game worn glove and are available in right and left handed throw models at budget friendly prices.

Pro Series Baseball Gloves

($50 – $99.99)

Heritage Pro Baseball Gloves

($50 – $99.99)

Player Preferred Series Baseball Gloves

($24.99 – $59.99)

Triple Play Series Baseball Gloves

($19.99 – $24.99)

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