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Ace Pitcher Handbook Reviews

The Ace Pitcher Handbook is an excellent training program for pitchers. The book covers everything a top level pitcher should know to gain maximum velocity.  This book has a very intense workout which is the foundation of the success of this program. Do not buy this handbook if you have a hard time completing intense workouts. You may also need a trainer who is experienced in Olympic lifting to help you learn the intense lifts. The Handbook does come with a coupon code to view the instruction videos for the lifts for free.


The handbook begins with ‘s 6 components of pitching. It covers the importance of these components towards developing top velocity. These components are total body and physics driven. These components of pitching give you a true understanding of the entire delivery and all the opportunities to develop more velocity. Their perspective of pitching is more of a science than an art. This book can be very technical which makes this type of instructional information easy to understand. It may take you a few times of reading it through to get the big picture.

The handbook then goes over the velocity drills. These drills are very different than conventional pitching drills but incredible for developing velocity. Most of the drills use light weight medicine balls to perform throws within the last few components. The drills follow the components in reverse to speed up the development of the new muscle memory.

Following the drills is the Pitching Guidelines and then the Fusion System. The Fusion System is the complete workout program. This program involves an intensive strength and conditioning program along with core and joint training. The workout is a combination of the Olympic Lifts, Plyometrics and Speed training. The workout focuses on high intensity and low repetitions. This workout is great for developing fast twitch muscle fiber which is essential for developing more velocity.

All of the workouts in the handbook have an instructional video to show you how to perform the lift. The videos are of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Chad Englehart walking you through the lifts.

The handbook ends with a nutrition guide to educate the athlete on proper nutrition to support the intensive workout.

I recommend this handbook to all dedicated athletes who are determined to grow bigger, stronger, faster and develop top pitching velocity. This program and any other program would be a waste of time and money if the athlete is not motivated to complete the program.

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  1. The answer to your question “How Joe Carter won the World Series in 1993? Homerun (3 run walk off)

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