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Baseball Field Equipment

baseball field equipmentIf you manage a team or help maintain the local recreational baseball field then you will need some equipment to make your job a lot easier. The most important part about field maintenance is making sure the field is always playable. Once you can guarantee this then your next concerns is at what level is the field playable. Higher levels of play expect a more refined playing surface.

When it comes to refining a field for a higher level of play you must break the field down into its two main components. These components are grass and dirt. You must first make sure that both the grass and dirt areas are level. There must be no holes or mounds on the field. As for the grass surface you need a grass that can be cut low and is also durable. Kentucky Blue is the type of seed most used on professional baseball fields. Grass can be a major challenge to grow and maintain. If your program or facility has a good budget then you can use artificial turf to replace the grass. I believe this kills the organic feel of baseball and I do not mean organic like no pesticides. I mean the smells and feels of grass do not exist on turf. It feels sterile. Turf is expensive, it can run you around$1.50 – $4 a square foot depending on the quality. Now for the dirt. The dirt must be firm and not too hard or too soft. This requires a lot of watering and raking. You do not want dirt that feels like cement when runners are sliding. Dirt must be cultivated continuously depending on the climate.

Once your grass or turf has been laid and your diamond is cutout then the equipment that you will need to maintain the field is important. Here is a list of equipment that will help you make field maintenance a fun and easy job.

Baseball Field Equipment

  1. Drag Mats – are used to level the infield and smooth out the surface.
  2. Rakes – are used to soften the surface and to pull dirt off of the lawn.
  3. Tamps – are used to harden the surface.
  4. Dry Line Markers – are used to mark the playing field area like the foullines.
  5. Squeegee – is used to remove water off of turf after a rain.
  6. Hand Water Pump – is used to remove large areas of water from the field.
  7. Diamond Pump – is used to also remove large areas of water from the field.
  8. Puddle Pillow – is used to remove small puddles of water from the field.
  9. Super Sopper with 14 Gallon Holding Tank – is used to remove a lot of water from the field after a heavy rain.
  10. Rain Out – is used to dry mud back into dirt.

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